Overflow from the dishwasher

My mom always told me not to use the dishwasher. “If you have hands, you can wash the dishes yourself.” I’ve listened to her for the past 26 years and now my kids won’t even touch the dishwasher. Instead, we use it as storage to dry dishes we’ve already washed. I was running late one morning and had to make the kids breakfast before school. I didn’t have time to wash the dishes and I didn’t want to leave my homes a mess with dishes stacked in the sink so I loaded the dishwasher with the dirty dishes, turned it on and got ready to leave for work. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream and thud. I looked over and saw my daughter lying flat on her back. The dishwasher was leaking everywhere and covered the kitchen floor in soapy water. In a panic I dragged my daughter out of the kitchen and pressed every button on the dishwasher until it burbled to a stop. The good news is that my daughter is ok and that our home insurance replaced our broken dishwasher. Without Nick’s help, I’m not sure what I would have done.  He and his crew came over and took care of everything. I don’t know if I’ll ever use the dishwasher to wash the dishes again, but if I do, I will have my phone ready to call Disaster Restoration Specialists again just in case.